SLC firefighters retrieve escaped iguana

Posted at 2:47 PM, Jun 25, 2013

BNnxSyYCIAErZU2SALT LAKE CITY — Firefighters from the Salt Lake City Fire Department reunited an iguana with its owner Tuesday morning.

The iguana’s owner contacted the fire department at 8:48 after the lizard escaped out of an apartment window at 115 S 300 E and became stuck in a tree.

Jasen Asay, the Salt Lake City Fire Department’s public information officer, said they usually don’t respond to animal rescue calls due to other emergencies. On Tuesday morning, however, there were crews available in the area.

A fire engine crew was the first to arrive at the scene, followed by a ladder truck crew.

One firefighter climbed the tree and another used the ladder truck equipment to get on top of the apartment building.

The firefighter in the tree bent a branch, allowing the firefighter on the roof to retrieve the iguana.

The iguana was “very well behaved,” Asay said, and was returned to its owner without further incident.

See tweet from @slcfire: