Jordan School District considers bond for new schools

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jun 26, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY – The Jordan School District will need an estimated additional 19 schools in the next 10 years, and the district is figuring out how to meet those needs.

District officials sent a survey to nearly 71,000 homes seeking opinions on the issue, and about 11 percent of people responded.

Of the respondents, about 80 percent of them support using a bond to pay for the new schools. The majority of respondents were in favor of a five-year, $520 million bond. The cost to taxpayers for the bond would be about $7 each per $100,000 value on their home.

Sandy Riesgraf of the Jordan School District said they are being proactive about meeting the district’s future needs.

“We have a responsibility in these times where we’re growing so rapidly,” she said. “We have to put our children somewhere, but it’s up to all of us. It’s up to the city leaders. It’s up to the patrons, the parents and the school district to figure out ways to house these children.”

Other options in the survey included year-round school, having students travel greater distances to schools or having some students attend classes in the morning while others attend at night.

The board of education will make a decision on the bond next month.