Wanted fugitive arrested in gang shooting

Posted at 7:45 AM, Jun 27, 2013

MIDVALE -- A known gang member and wanted fugitive was arrested Wednesday night in connection with a shooting on Tuesday that sent three rival gang members to St. Mark's Hospital.

Officials from the Metro Gang Unit said Dwayne McArthur was taken into custody after barricading himself in a Midvale home. Police used a K-9 officer to assist with the arrest.

Police said the shooting is the start of what they believe will be a very active gang violence season.

"We have information through our jails, through other interviews we've conducted, that it's going to be a bloody summer, is basically what we've heard, between the Norteños and QVO," said Sgt. Lex Bell, Metro Gang Unit.

Two other gang members were also taken into custody.