Twin sister of girl killed on I-15 speaks

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jun 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-28 23:24:23-04

LAYTON, Utah  - Utah Highway Patrol investigators say they've found the driver responsible for a fatal crash in Centerville on Thursday.

A steel car ramp, typically used to elevate a vehicle to change its oil, fell off the man's vehicle. Troopers say that caused an accident that led to the death of a Layton teenager.

16-year-old Claire Kenyon was a Northridge High School student who dreamed of becoming a teacher or pediatrician. Her twin sister says Claire had a spirit as big as her dreams.

"Just being with her was like sunshine," said Courtney Kenyon.

Thursday afternoon, Claire and her mom were on I-15 northbound in Centerville. Their vehicle was involved in a three-car pile up near the Parrish Lane overpass. While they were waiting for troopers to clear debris from the freeway, an SUV hit that debris -- a small steel car ramp.

"I saw a range rover go airborne and lose control and slam into the green car and it went into the two little white cars. one of the women in the car, the girl, went airborne and landed on the road," a witness who wanted to remain anonymous told FOX 13.

Claire later died at the hospital.

"A witness was able to call the Davis County dispatch to give a plate of the vehicle that lost the debris," said Trooper Lawrence Hooper with the Utah Highway Patrol.

That led investigators to a 56-year-old South Jordan man who was driving a pickup with a trailer attached.

"He had no clue he had lost the debris. In fact, he thought he had lost it when he arrived at his location, he thought he lost it in a field somewhere,” said Trooper Hopper. "He was very distraught over it, very emotional, very remorseful for what had happened."

Blue was Claire's favorite color. Grieving family and friends put up balloons and tied ribbons outside the family’s home.

"It's really helping us get through that time to know that so many people cared about her and that we're going to get through it together," said Courtney Kenyon.

A memorial and vigil for Claire Kenyon will be Monday night. A funeral mass is scheduled for Tuesday.

Also, early next week, Davis County prosecutors may decide whether to take action against the driver who lost that debris. Troopers say he has been cooperative and at this point, he has not been cited.