Protecting pets from hot weather dangers

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 30, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY – The recent heat wave has made many uncomfortable, and the high temperatures can also be dangerous to pets.

Temma Martin from the Best Friends Animal Society said there are several things pet owners can do to keep their pets safe.

She said people should bring their pets inside whenever possible. She said people should be sure to change out their pets water with cool water when it warms up. She also said people should trim their dog’s fur rather than shave it.

“Even though that seems counter intuitive, their fur actually serves as insulation and protection from the sun,” she said. “So by shaving the dog down, you know where it's very short, you are risking them getting sun burned.”

Martin said pets with short fur or sensitive skin should wear sunscreen, and she said the sunscreen designed to be safe for human babies will work on animals too. She also stressed that people should never leave their pet inside a parked car for any amount of time when the temperatures rise above 70 degrees.

“This time of year, unless your pet is going with you to the dog park or to the vet or whatever, just leave them home where they're safe,” she said.

Experts said dog owners should take their dogs for walks in the morning or evening when it's not as hot outside.