Police seek assault suspect who escaped after officer used Taser

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-04 00:06:51-04

SANDY, Utah – Police are asking for the public’s help finding a man who allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend, attempted to slash a police officer and escaped after being hit with a Taser.

Police are searching for 35-year-old Brian Platt, who is also known as “Tricky Loc” and “King Crip."  Platt, a documented gang member, has been in and out of jail and prison much of his adult life.

Sgt. Jon Arnold, Sandy City Police Department, said Platt was first arrested at the age of 19, and he said the latest alleged act reveals the man’s character.

"But this incident kind of goes to show who he is and some of the life choices he makes,” he said.

The incident happened Monday. Platt was a passenger in a car that was stopped by police near 900 East Sego Lily Drive in Sandy. A witness had called police to report a man inside that car was beating a woman.

Police said the driver got out of the car when they arrived, but Platt allegedly grabbed the keys and tried to drive away. Arnold said an officer tried to apprehend Platt, and during the scuffle Pratt allegedly lunged at the officer with a Leatherman tool, which is basically a knife.

"The officer deployed a Taser and  then pushed him back into the seat,” he said. “As he did that, the probes dislodged from Brian, and he jumped out the passenger window, opposite side... He lunged at the officer with a Leatherman tool, he's very lucky that he was only tazed!"

The officer stayed at the scene with the driver and the woman, Platt’s ex-girlfriend—who had been screaming for help in the backseat. Police said Platt and the woman had broken up a few days prior. Platt escaped.

Arnold said this is the second time this year Platt has fled from police. Platt allegedly crashed a stolen car into a residential property in Lehi in March after leading police on a brief, high-speed chase.

Platt has a history that includes assault, theft and drug charges, but this latest case could be the most serious yet.

"She was kept in that vehicle against her will, she ultimately wanted to get out,” Arnold said. “So there are charges that could range to a higher degree... Assault on an officer as well domestic violence charges, they're related to the incident with the female who was in the back seat."

Arnold said kidnapping charges are also a possibility.

Platt, pictured below, is about 5-feet 9-inches tall and weighs roughly 200 pounds. He has several tattoos on his arms, torso and neck, including one that says “Tricky Loc.”

Anyone who sees Platt or who knows where he is should call police at 801-840-4000.