Stranded wide load blocks northbound State Route 36

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 03, 2013

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – Northbound State Route 36 has been blocked after a wide load proved to be too much for the semi-trailer transporting it.

Utah Highway Patrol personnel are helping to move the stranded wide load, which weighs about 205,000 pounds.

The trailer that was carrying the load kept giving way, and the load would drag. UHP personnel helped unload and reload the trailer to better distribute the weight, but the trailer failed again.

Northbound State Route 36 is closed near milepost 58 as a special crane is being used to move the load. One lane of southbound State Route 36 is open.

Lt. Corey Nye, UHP, said the issue is not helping holiday traffic.

"Obviously we do not want this on the road any longer than it has to be, but we have concerns for the heavy traffic that we are expecting for the Fourth of July, so that is why we are jumping on this as quick as we can and resolving this problem as quick as we can,” he said.

They hope to have the load cleared away by Thursday.