Autopsy report released as investigation into teen’s death continues

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jul 14, 2013

UTAH COUNTY, Utah -- Police are calling the death of a Spanish Fork teen a hit and run, according to the victim’s father, Preston Haun.

“He was hit at such a hard impact that the blood is on the vehicle, flesh is on this vehicle. It split him open, so whoever hit him knows they hit him,” Haun said.

Haun’s 17 year old son, Nathan, was found dead in the middle of a road Saturday morning. Police believe he was walking home from a party in Payson when he was struck and killed near 2000 West Arrowhead Trail.

“He was hit by an SUV of some type, a high-profile car with a push bar,” Haun said. “He said that when he was hit he had started turning, and push bar marks were left across his chest and side.”

Using surveillance video from the nearby Salem City Public Works Department, authorities have been able to narrow down when Haun was hit and killed to a 12 minute period after 5:00 a.m., according to Haun.  Police said Sunday they are still trying to determine who was behind the wheel.

“As far as the intention or lack of intention, we’re not really any closer on that until we find the vehicle and we get somebody who was driving it and can tell us exactly what was going through their mind,” said Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Haun’s father is hopeful that whoever was responsible will come forward, so the family can put the tragedy behind them.

“I don’t know how you can live with yourself after taking someone’s life,” he said.