Four injured, several arrested after brawl in Riverdale

Posted at 8:21 AM, Jul 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-29 14:55:12-04

RIVERDALE -- Police in Riverdale said a woman was stabbed and about 12 people were taken into custody after a brawl early Monday morning.

The fight prompted police to serve a search warrant at a mobile home at Riverdale Mobile Estates, 1050 W 5100 S, where a party was held Sunday night. Once inside, police recovered a knife believed to have been used in the fight.

Police said someone at the party called some of his friends, saying he felt threatened and needed help. The fight is believed to have started at the entrance of the mobile home park when that person's friends arrived.

The fight is believed to have carried over into the parking lot of a Target store across the street from the mobile home park. Police from several agencies responded to the scene.

Police said about 15-20 people were involved in the brawl, some using household objects as weapons.

"A knife, baseball bat, cane, crutches, a hammer," said Lt. Scott Brenkman, Riverdale Police Department, of the weapons allegedly used by some of the participants.

Police said three other people sustained injuries, but none of the injuries are life-threatening.

No officers were injured.