Former presidential candidate Howard Dean visits Utah

Posted at 9:46 PM, Aug 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-20 00:01:19-04

TAYLORSVILLE -- Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean was in Utah Monday trying to energize the Democratic Party in the state and encourage young voters to hit the polls next election.

Dean is known for the high-pitched scream in Iowa on the 2004 campaign trail, where he wasn't shy about showing his over excitement.

"Am I going to do the scream speech 15 times while I'm here? Probably not," Dean said in an interview with Fox 13.

Dean’s first stop in Taylorsville  at the Salt Lake Community College where a crowd of Utah Democrats filled the student center.

The Democrat talked about why many Utahns aren't interested in voting.

"Dems are in the minority in Utah, but there's been a lot of progress,” Dean said. “It doesn't show in the legislature because of gerrymandering."

Dean was referring to the state's redistricting process. He thinks there should be an independent commission. He also believes there's a big chunk of unregistered voters in Utah -- about 64 percent of the 800,000 who are democrats.

"It's very clear that democrats can manage and I think the problem in Utah that we have is that we've got to talk to people and we've got to be here, you can't expect somebody like Rush Limbaugh to carry our message; you've got to have democrats talking about what's important," Dean said.

The politician credits his cousin, former Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon for being a trailblazer for the minority party in the state.

"Our mothers are sisters so we get together usually once a year," Corroon said. "I think Utah voters don't vote because they know the Republican Party is going to win every time."

Karen Yengich was one of many people who attended Dean’s speech Monday.

"I think a lot of people are just apathetic in Utah; I think people are discouraged because there's a dominant republican party," Yengich said.

Kyle Matthews was also in attendance at Dean’s speech.

"I think it's the process that is broken," said Kyle Matthews, a young Utah Democrat who is a voter.

Dean will also go to Ogden for a rally and then a quick stop in Park City before heading back to Vermont, where he lives.

When asked whether he'd consider another Presidential run, Dean answered, "Not at this time, but never say never."