Ogden firefighters looking for serial arsonist

Posted at 3:22 PM, Aug 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-19 21:24:22-04

OGDEN -- Firefighters here are looking for a serial arsonist, believed to be behind as many as 11 fires in the city.

The latest blaze happened outside the Ogden Green Waste Facility at Park Boulevard and Monroe Boulevard. Firefighters managed to stop it before it hit the facility.

All of the fires are considered suspicious, and intentionally set. Late Monday, firefighters were investigating whether a Dumpster Fire on Quincy Ave. was intentionally set.

The first fires began August 12 when four were set in a day.

"Everybody just freaking out, just freaking out there was a fire," said Elizabeth Brakefield, who lives near the scene of one of the fires on River Drive.

A week later, six fires were set on August 16. Another of those fires came dangerously close to a home on Patterson Ave.

"It looks like the access point for whoever's responsible for doing this is all along the (Ogden River) parkway trail," deputy Ogden Fire Chief Eric Bauman told FOX 13.

The fires have all been small, and firefighters have stopped them before they reached homes. But Bauman said he feared the person setting them may be escalating.

"It's certainly a concern for us. our numbers are escalating and the numbers of fires in a day are escalating and so we're taking it very seriously," he said. "We've got parkway patrols that we're doing with the firefighters as well as Ogden police."

Police and firefighters were pleading with the public for tips. Anyone with information, photographs or video of the fires was asked to contact Ogden dispatchers at 801-395-8221.