Video released of burglary in Sugar House

Posted at 5:41 PM, Aug 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-22 00:33:51-04

SALT LAKE CITY --  A couple of brazen burglars broke into a Sugar House home while the owners were sleeping inside, and surveillance video shows the men escaping with their hands full.

The owners of the home, located near 2100 S. Parkway Ave., said the video shows the burglars came back four times throughout the night and made off with thousands of dollars worth of items.

Taylor and Rylan Hayes said they were sleeping in the other room while the thieves went to work.

“So when we woke up, this was the room we came into, and we saw the bike here, normally it's against the wall,” Taylor Hayes said. “Rylan asked me, 'Did you move the bikes?' and I said, 'No, why would I move the bikes?' And then he looked up, and on the bed right here is where our computers were, and he noticed they were gone right away, and then he noticed that this drawer had been rummaged through."

The couple said the thieves took a wide variety of things.

They took prescription drugs,” Taylor Hayes said. “They took beer. They took clothes, my husband’s leather jacket. They took both of our really nice laptops. They took my bike, and they took my husband’s wallet.”

The Hayes said their upscale neighborhood has been a target for burglars in the past. The couple installed security cameras after thieves broke into their cars several years ago. The Hayes have provided FOX 13 News with the footage from the burglary in the hopes the public can help identify the suspects.

“They more than made themselves at home,” Rylan Hayes said.  “In fact, I have video footage of them taking their shoes off at our back door and leaving their shoes behind… You can actually see them carrying the two laptops, one in each hand. You see them walk out with the bike. They hop on the bike, they ride, they peddle off into the street, and then they come back.”

The Hayes said they think the burglars cased their home and then came in through an unlocked basement door. They said they are now installing a security system in their home, but they said even that won’t help them sleep easy right away.

“It's a huge violation of our privacy of just feeling secure in your neighborhood,” Taylor Hayes said.

Police have taken the surveillance video as well as fingerprints from the scene. Police also have a pair of sneakers one of the burglars left behind. Police ask anyone who recognizes the suspect or has information regarding the crime to contact them at 801-799-3000.