Man jailed on charges of kidnapping, sexual assault

Posted at 6:51 PM, Aug 24, 2013

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Cedar City police arrested a man Saturday who is accused of raping a woman.

Brady Matheson is facing charges that include aggravated kidnapping, forcible sexual abuse and misdemeanor assault.

According to a press release from the Cedar City Police Department, the charges stem from an incident on August 18. On that day, officers were dispatched after a 27-year-old female said she had been taken against her will.

According to the press release, Matheson allegedly took the victim’s car keys and began dragging her down the street when she arrived home and exited her vehicle. The victim fought back and tried to escape. Matheson took the victim to a nearby high school, where he physically and sexually assaulted her. The victim was able to escape and flee.

Matheson was known to be a suspect at the time of the report, and police attempted to get Matheson to turn himself in. He did not. Police worked to obtain statements and analyze evidence throughout the week, and Matheson was located and booked into the Iron County Jail Saturday.