Cyclist in critical condition after hit and run

Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-28 00:45:50-04

MILLCREEK -- A hit and run accident in Millcreek Township sent a cyclist to the hospital Tuesday morning.

Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said a white Acura TL drifted off the shoulder and hit a 43-year-old woman riding a bicycle on the shoulder in the area of 2300 East and 3700 South.

Ali Lente, Millcreek resident, said the accident happened in front of her house.

"I heard the sirens," Lente said. "Then I heard her screaming, which is what made me look out the window."

Lente said the cyclist was wedged into a drain on the side of the road. Paramedics wrapped a brace around her neck before they freed her.

"She was panicking a lot, so her arms were moving a lot, but she couldn't move very well," Lente said. "She was pretty stuck in there."

The cyclist was transported to Intermountain Medical Center and is in critical condition, Hoyal said.

The motorist involved in the accident was not on the scene when police arrived.

Hoyal said the suspect pulled into a parking lot of a Fresh Market on 3900 South where he nearly hit another car.

Surveillance cameras got a few pictures of the four-door sedan before the driver circled the lot and drove off.

"The vehicle though has some pretty extensive damage to the windshield and the front passenger fender," Hoyal said.

The driver is a man in his 30's and has short, spiky black hair.

Anyone with information about the crash, car or the driver can call Unified Police at 801-743-5862.