Six people arrested in connection with alleged armed robbery in Kearns

Posted at 11:17 AM, Aug 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-31 19:38:31-04

KEARNS, Utah -- Six people are behind bars Saturday after they allegedly used a gun to force their way inside a home in Kearns.

Police said the victim invited a woman over to his house at 4941 south and 4135 west for some kind of business deal just after 1 a.m., but shortly after she showed-up it became clear she had other intentions.

Lt. Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department described the incident.

“In the process of talking about the business, three male suspects had entered the home at gun point, took the male victim, zip tied him, took him down to the basement while they had a 4-year-old child down there watching this whole thing,” he said.

Police said the suspects tried to coax the child to go with them, but the 4-year-old refused.

Witnesses said the robbers left several victims tied up in the basement and made off with some cash, computers and a cellphone.

One of the victims managed to untie himself and ran to a neighbor’s house for help. Neighbor Ron Judd called the police for the victim.

"I could hear somebody calling out, ‘Hey neighbor, neighbor, can you help me?’” he said. “He looked like he had blood on his arm and a piece of rope still on his wrist.”

A patrol officer spotted the suspect's car as the intruders pulled into their own driveway. Unified Police and West Valley Police surrounded the home and took everyone into custody. Investigators delivered a search warrant on the home and found the stolen items inside.

Police arrested six people on aggravated robbery and attempted kidnapping charges, including: 19-year-old Wayne Lolani, 26-year-old Ryon Lokeni, 20-year-old Kylee Tenifa, 18-year-old Morgan Holst, and 20-year-old Ashley Rivera.