Ogden officials gather to discuss ways to discourage gang violence

Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-04 22:35:18-04

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden police want to fight gang violence on multiple fronts, which is why they have brought together several stakeholders for a three-day conference regarding gangs.

Police invited juvenile probation officers, the Department of Child and Family Services, counselors and teachers to discuss ways to prevent gang violence.

Conference organizers said gang violence impacts the wider community, and they said the conference will help a broader group of people become aware of the warning signs in order to prevent children from joining gangs in the first place.

Lt. Scott Conley, Ogden Police Department gang unit, said they brought hundreds of people together for the conference, which he said will foster greater cooperation.

“We have over 410 people here attending today, and from all those different entities you create the partnerships, you create the communication, you get to know each other to where you can deal with the problem and move forward with it,” he said.

This is the 15th year the conference has been held. It was located at the Megaplex Theater in Ogden.