Residents, officials clean up after flooding in Alpine

Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-08 23:31:08-04

ALPINE, Utah -- The City of Alpine cleaned up the debris left from the fourth and largest mudslide this summer.

Volunteers showed up at the local park with their shovels to scrape mud off roads and sidewalks.

The worst of the flood went through Maureen Burnett's backyard. What once was a beautifully zeroscaped yard now looks like a river bed.

"The water this time came, not as a trickling, but as a roaring river," Burnett said. "There's so much garbage and debris, it's actually amazing the size of the rocks, they are gigantic and it's twice as wide as it was last time.”

Residents said they could hear the flood waters long before they reached their back door.

"We heard the rain come down very quickly and came outside, and we knew there would be some serious water coming down," said Alpine resident Alex Hanson.

Volunteers and residents fear all the work might be for nothing if another rain storm moves toward Alpine. Despite the forecast, residents said they're staying positive. They said they're lucky they haven't lost homes.