Mixed use development planned on old Utah Co. steel mill site

Posted at 10:50 PM, Sep 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-10 00:51:43-04

VINEYARD, Utah -- The old Geneva Steel Mill in Utah County is getting cleaned up to make way for a new development project.

The project in envision to be 1,700 acres of mixed used development, with hundreds of apartments, dozens of restaurants and a movie theater.

"This will be an entirely new city that will be the home of 26,000 residents, create 20,000 jobs and create a whole new city here in Vineyard," said Stewart Park, project manager with Anderson Development.

Vineyard Mayor Randy Farnworth said the development is a trade off, saying the rural community of 600 people is expected to grow to 75,000 over the next decade. The community is located West of Orem and boarding Utah Lake.

Before building, the development company has to clean out the stuff left behind by the old steel mill.

"There's tar pits, there's the biggest mound of slag [which] was Geneva Steel's trash pile, so now they are having to dig through that and recycle what they can, and then the biggest thing is concrete. People don't realize, but there's more concrete under the ground then there was above ground," Farnworth said.

Anderson Development has already been working for eight years cleaning up the sight and creating the infrastructure needed for the new apartments, homes, retails and office projects, according to Park.

The developer said it is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up parts of the site and said that the steel company is still obligated to pay for part of the clean up.