Community comes together in face of flooding

Posted at 7:24 PM, Sep 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-11 21:24:40-04

HURRICANE, Utah – Homeowners in Hurricane are digging out after massive flash floods washed dirt, branches and rocks into their neighborhood. The floods weren't unexpected, but they came on fast and strong.

Early on, residents of the Angel Heights Subdivision filled sand bags, but there came a time when all they could do was wait, and watch.

“I looked out here at about 10:30 and there was water and mud and a few rocks,” homeowner Russel Berry said. “Then it got more intense and more intense, and it kept on going.”

Soon roads turned into rivers as water literally poured off the cliffs east of the neighborhood. Waterfalls appeared at various spots, bringing the flood waters right to their front doors.

“I brought a board, I knew I had a board,” homeowner Joyce King said.

She and others made a makeshift dam to try and divert water.

“I brought it over and put it up and kind of directed it back toward the streets,” King said.

Hurricane Police Department officials activated their Emergency Operations Center to coordinate efforts between city, fire and police crews. There weren’t any reports of major damage, although water did pool by homes, flood yards, and got in one garage. A number of roads were closed due to high water, and volunteers from all over the city showed up to help.

A  group of those volunteers came from Hurricane High School, part of the natural sciences class, to pitch in and get hands on experience with the power of mother nature.

“We’re just sandbagging in front of people’s driveways to try and direct the water where we want it to go,” student Stormi Stratton said. “And keep it out of people’s way.”

Student Jordan Ence said he was happy to help out.

“Just help out our community,” he said. “Just show that we’re all here for one another, and that we help each other out.”

Neighbors said that’s the most touching part of the ordeal, seeing the community come together.

“I tell you, I love everyone in this neighborhood,” King said. “We help each other. I couldn’t find a better neighborhood.”

Hurricane police officials said anyone with flood problems is asked to report it to dispatch at 435-627-4999. Storms are expected to continue in the area through Thursday.