Missouri man gets 20 years for keeping young woman as sex slave

Posted at 3:42 PM, Sep 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-11 17:42:20-04

By Nick Valencia and Kevin Wang


(CNN) — A Missouri man was sentenced on Wednesday to 20 years in federal prison for his role in the years-long sexual torture of a “mentally deficient” young woman that included electrical shock and mutilation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri told CNN.

A federal judge accepted a plea agreement from Edward Bagley Sr., 46, in a Kansas City courtroom on Wednesday morning, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. In January, he pleaded guilty to one of the 11 counts he faced for having a sexual relationship with a minor, who was identified only by the initials “FV” (or Female Victim) in official documents. Bagley faced life imprisonment.

Bagley held the victim as a sex slave from December 2002 to February 27, 2009, in his Lebanon, Missouri, trailer home. The woman — who was a runaway minor at the time when the abuse began — was sometimes “hung upside down,” “water boarded” and had animals she cared for shot in front of her by Bagley to coerce her to engage in commercial sex acts, the indictment read.

“In or about December 2002, (Bagley) invited FV, a 16-year-old minor, who grew up in foster care homes, into his residence after she ran away from home and promised her ‘a great life,’ including, but not limited to, making her a model and a dancer, and ‘making her dreams come true,'” the indictment read.

“(Bagley) advertised and publicized FV over the Internet and in live web cam sessions as his slave who would engage in sexual acts and could be tortured during live online sessions, or in person,” an indictment read.

Once the victim turned 18, Bagley had “FV sign a ‘sex slavery’ contract” and told her the contract “legally bound her to him as his ‘sex slave’ with a term that ‘never’ ended,” according to the indictment.

During the six years of abuse, Bagley also performed abortions on the victim using things like “vacuums, and clothing hangers for the purpose of terminating the pregnancies,” the indictment said.

The victim was discovered by first responders after she suffered cardiac arrest during a torture session on February 27, 2009, the indictment read.

Five other defendants, including four men and Bagley’s wife, Marilyn Bagley, are scheduled to be sentenced this week. The four men were alleged to have traded Bagley things like “cigarettes, computer hard drives, sadomasochism videos, coats and meats” to use the young woman as a sex slave, according to the indictment.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said that lawyers for the victim were seeking $738,250 for physical and psychological trauma to their client.

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