Logan couple delivers baby in high school parking lot

Posted at 8:19 PM, Sep 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-19 22:19:04-04

LOGAN, Utah – A couple welcomed their baby into the world a little earlier than planned Wednesday; the baby was delivered in a high school parking lot.

Janeth and Colby Martin were driving to Logan Regional Hospital when Janeth began having contractions, so the couple pulled over into the Cache High School parking lot.

“We get in the car, and we start driving, and a few minutes into it: her water breaks,” Colby Martin said. “…And she’s like, ‘Gas it! We’ve got to get going.’”

Colby Martin said they drove as fast as they could, but then his wife said to stop.

“We get right here at, close to Cache high, and she tells me, ‘You better pull over, he’s coming.’ So I obeyed, and we pulled over and came here in the parking lot, and as I was pulling in I called 911 quickly.”

Martin downplayed his role in the dramatic delivery.

“She did all the work really,” he said. “I just had to catch the baby, and then shortly after, the paramedics showed up and they were able to help me clamp the cord and cut it and at that point I was just, the baby was healthy and happy.”

The couple said everything happened very quickly, so they didn’t have time to panic.

“I was pretty calm,” Janeth Martin said. “I just wanted to get the baby out. I was fine.”

The couple went to the hospital after the delivery, and all involved are healthy. The couple named their baby boy Jaxon.