Utahns react to government shutdown

Posted at 9:41 PM, Oct 02, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY -- FOX 13 News traveled around the Salt Lake Valley to see how Utahns describe the politics in Washington D.C. that led to a partial government shutdown.

What we found? Many Utahns see the shutdown as an unnecessary outcome of politicians who cannot work together to do the country’s business.

Kayla, an elementary school student at the American Preparatory Academy in West Valley City, seemed to sum up much of the sentiment.

"They should compromise with each other and come to an agreement," she said.

Her opinion was shared by a self-described conservative management professor from Westminster College.

"It's too big and complex for me," said Dr. Michael Sutton when asked how to solve the stalemate, "I may be reasonably well-informed, but I think we've got something way beyond any individual's ability to understand, which means we do have to find a way to collaborate on it."

Congressional leaders met with President Barack Obama Wednesday evening to discuss the shutdown, but there was reportedly no progress made.