Ann Romney in Utah for book signing

Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 04, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY -- Former GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was in Salt Lake City Friday night, but not to talk politics.

Instead, he was in Utah to support his wife, Ann, who can now add "Best Selling Author" to her bio. She had a line of people out the door, waiting for her at City Creek Mall. Every person Fox 13 News talked to was at Deseret Book not to see the man of the hour, but the woman of the hour.

The former First Lady of Massachusetts was on Good Day Utah to talk about her best-seller titled, "The Romney Family Table, sharing home-cooked recipes and favorite traditions".

"It's about bringing joy to life and how do you do that, and where do you think the most joy comes from life,” Romney said. “I've now lived a long time, and Mitt and I reflect back on our life and we are saying it's the family that brings us the joy, and the associations that you make with family and so much of that revolves around the table.”

Later that evening, hundreds of Utah women waited in long lines to meet Ann Romney.

"I'm so excited," Jenifer Kidd said.

Blythe Enke was also thrilled to be there.

"Today's my birthday, and I love the Romneys; I campaigned for Mitt," she said.

Kelsey Merril said she hoped to get the chance to ask Ann Romney about life on the campaign trail.

"It's fun for us to see into her life,” she said. “We see her and Mitt kind of on the surface, so it's fun to get into her life with their book.”

FOX 13 News wanted to ask the former governor and presidential candidate about the government shutdown, but Mitt Romney's spokesperson would not make him available for questioning.