Baby flamingos out and about for community event

Posted at 4:37 PM, Oct 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-05 18:37:23-04

SALT LAKE CITY – For the only time this year, the baby flamingos at Tracy Aviary were let out so folks could meet them.

The birds were out and about at The Old Flamingo as part of a community event that highlights local junior high school and high school students’ artwork.

Event coordinators said they have been doing the event for three years, and this year artists were asked to create something that represents flamingos. The student art was on display, so the public could bid on it. The money raised goes to fund the flamingo exhibit at the aviary.

According to the Old Flamingo’s website, “The top winning design will be made into a t-shirt that will be sold for 1 year at Tracy Aviary’s Nature Store and at The Old Flamingo.”

The birds were only out for about an hour, as they can’t handle being away from their home for much longer than that.

Missy Coombs owns The Old Flamingo, and she said the birds are delicate at this age.

“They’re pretty fragile, so they’re not really quite sure how the little flamingos are going to react to people,” she said. “They’re doing great.”