Fitness seekers plug in at high-tech gym

Posted at 6:34 PM, Oct 06, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY – A high-tech gym is helping people get results by literally plugging them in.

Peak Zone Fitness doesn’t just record their customers' workouts, the exercises is monitored in real-time while the user is hooked up to equipment that puts stats like heart rate up on a monitor.

Susie Perez uses the gym, and she said it’s been great.

"It's kind of a one stop shop,” Perez said. “They do everything in one place, and I've already lost 13 pounds since we started, so that's a big success."

Donny Day created the Peak Zone Fitness Program, and he said they try to get people’s heart rate into the ‘80s when exercising.

“That is the sweet spot where you burn the most calories and the highest fat percentage,” he said.

Day said they start everyone off with a VO-2 test, which measures the volume of oxygen consumed, as well as a metabolism test. They use the data to develop workout and nutrition programs for their clients.

"What I did was I pieced together some things and pieced together a program that I thought would fit an Olympic athlete or someone in their ‘70's just wanting to get into shape," Day said.

Perez said she has been getting into shape over the last month, and she said she feels like the program is working for her. She said she tracks her progress with the Myzone App, which sends her an email about 30 minutes after each workout that details her efforts and how many calories she burned.

"I love that we get to see our numbers while we're working out,” she said. “I know what zone I'm in, and I know if I need to work harder or if I can take a couple of breaths before I go into the next move."