Pair of propositions would regulate housing in Saratoga Springs

Posted at 5:48 PM, Oct 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-19 23:22:38-04

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Residents will cast their votes in November on two propositions that would regulate housing in Saratoga Springs.

One proposition would put a cap on high-density housing city-wide, and the other proposition would change the development of a specific property.

The second proposition deals with a plot of land on Centennial Road. The neighborhood in the area is zoned as "R3", which allow three homes per acre, but the plot in question is zoned as "R6", which allows for about six homes per acre, which has some residents worried.

Homeowner Troy Jenkins is the president of a group called Neighbors Against Density Abuse, and he said building 77 homes on 12 acres will create more traffic in the area than is wise. He said Centennial Road won’t be able to handle the traffic increase, and he said the road doesn’t even have a sidewalk.

"When you add this kind of density with a city that doesn't really have its map laid out, its infrastructure, its roads--we see problems coming down the line, and our group is really about trying to head that off now versus paying for it later," he said.

The owners of the land, Capital Assets, said the land has been zoned for high-density housing for a decade, and they said those neighbors who are upset should have known that and shouldn’t be trying to control development on property they don’t own.

In a statement, the company said in part, "...the plans for this property are fantastic. The homes to be built at his location are 'mansion-style homes.'"

Proposition 3 would change the zoning of the area in question from "R6" to "R3". Proposition 6 would cap multi-family housing at about 27 percent of all dwellings in the city. Proponents of Proposition 6 said it will help the city retain its rural atmosphere.

Some city council members oppose proposition 6, and they said they have already taken steps to limit multi-family housing in Saratoga Springs. They said the proposition could open the city up to the possibility of lawsuits.

Both propositions will be on the November 5 ballot. Click below to download a PDF of the voter information pamphlet for each proposition.

Proposition 3 Voter Information Pamphlet with Map

Proposition 6 Voter Information Pamphlet