Man arrested after allegedly attempting to rob 6 cab drivers

Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-20 17:35:57-04

SALT LAKE CITY – Police arrested a man who allegedly tried to rob six different cab drivers in Salt Lake City late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Travis Patt was jailed for six counts of aggravated robbery in connection with the alleged thefts after police searched his vehicle and found a gun and a glove box full of cash.

Lt. Scott White of the Salt Lake City Police Department said they received calls about a man who approached cab drivers, pointed a gun at the victims and demanded money before escaping.  White said in three of the six robberies the victims gave the suspect money.

“He would follow the cab, wait for the cab to stop, wait for the fare to take place,” White said. “Money would change hands. This way he knew the cabbie had money, because he probably just got paid from his recent fare.”

White said the robberies took place all over the city, and he said there was a gap of about 20 minutes between each robbery. No shots were fired, and there were no injuries reported.

An officer noticed the suspect following a cab in a car and pulled him over. Patt did not have a valid driver’s license, and there was also an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  White said officers searched the vehicle and found the gun used in the robberies and a glove box full of money.

Detectives secured a warrant and interviewed the suspect, who was booked into jail on six counts of aggravated robbery.