SLC residents learn about Pagan beliefs

Posted at 10:53 PM, Oct 22, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY -- A magical gathering took place in Salt Lake City Tuesday night where the public was invited for an open discussion on Paganism.

The second annual “Which Witch is Which?” forum was held at Crone’s Hollow at 2470 S. Main Street.

More than 40 people came to ask questions about wiccans, witches, and other pagan beliefs.

“It's a question and answer opportunity for the public to understand more about Paganism, Wiccanism, Witchcraft and other similar practices on our community,” said panel moderator Christian Roberts.

The panel was composed of druids, elamites, priestesses, clansmen, magicians, as well as members of fellowships and orders.

“I promise we won't bite, hard,” said Durriken, a priest from the Stone Beacon Coven of the Mound Tradition.

Despite all the differences in practices and belief, Roberts said, all the groups represented Tuesday night fell under the common umbrella of Paganism.

“It's a belief system. It's a faith much like any other,” Roberts said. “We’re a community of communities in our larger community.”

Panel members were asked if they considered themselves witches, and pagans; what they believed about God, and how to embrace deity; and also whether all the panelists were, in fact, Wiccan.

Roberts admitted that darker elements of Paganism exist.

“But there are equally bright ones, if not more so,” he said. “And that is true of any belief in any community anywhere.”

Crone’s Hollow is a pagan supply store as well as a meeting place for various pagan faiths. Every Friday night at 8 p.m., the store’s coffee shop hosts an event called “Stealth Coffee,” a tongue-in-cheek reference that people who attend will learn the occult or secret beliefs of pagans.