Stericycle moving out of North Salt Lake

Posted at 10:37 PM, Oct 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-24 00:37:16-04

NORTH SALT LAKE -- As public criticism continues, a medical waste facility in North Salt Lake is feeling the pressure to leave, but the question is: When will Stericycle move and where?

In September, FOX 13 News found out Stericycle was considering a move, and now it sounds inevitable. However, leaving won't happen overnight.

"It's not really a great place for a facility like Stericycle," said North Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave in late September during Fox 13 News Live at 4.

On Wednesday, FOX 13 News received another update from the Mayor, who said, "I think I've said before that everybody thinks that they need to move and they've made progress."

That progress includes the company actively looking for a new place to call home.

"There were conversations between staff members here and the Mayor of North Salt Lake about the local concerns, obviously about Stericycle," said Ally Isom, who is Gov. Gary Herbert's deputy chief of staff.

Isom goes on to say the high level talks include all options on the table, however, when it comes to calls to shut down the facility she said, "That option is not in the realm of the governor's authority."

For now, the citizens of North Salt Lake will have to wait.

"They can't move any quicker than they can take care of things,” Arave said of Stericycle. “There are certain things that have to happen.”

Some of the areas the Mayor told Fox 13 News were on Stericycle's radar were in Tooele and Emery counties, but that was more than a month ago. He didn't want to divulge the company's timeline when he spoke Wednesday.

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