Utah state girl’s soccer championships held at Rio Tinto

Posted at 10:34 PM, Oct 25, 2013

SANDY, Utah -- Even if you don’t walk away with the win, playing on the field itself is a prize. The girls state high school championship soccer matches wrapped up at Rio Tinto stadium Friday night.

The 4-A winner was Timpanogos, who beat Skyline 1-0.  The Brighton women took home the 5-A title with a 1-0 win over the Viewmont Vikings.

FOX 13 News spoke with many of the players about what this means to them, and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of these players.

It’s a stadium that players love to play in. Katie Henderson scored the winning goal for Timpanogos High School.

“We got here early so that we could take it all in, so it wouldn’t blow us away,” she said. “You take it in, it’s huge, the lights and the field, and it’s incredible that I got to experience that.”

And who wouldn’t love playing here?  It’s a state of the art professional field. Parents, like Keri Kellogg, said it’s absolutely fantastic.

“The atmosphere here is so much fun,” Kellog said.”It’s a chance of a lifetime! Who plays in a stadium like this? So, yeah, we enjoy every second of it.”

“Yeah it’s surreal,” parent Tom Shepherd said. “It’s just weird seeing her out there in a stadium and performing at a high level at a state championship, and having success. Just really proud of her.”

One parent said the field is so beautiful that she wanted to jump over the wall and onto the grass.

“It feels like we’re watching two national teams playing,” Arminda Shepherd said. “I’m proud of her, and the whole Brighton team; they’re really good girls.”