Crews rescue couple stranded on mountain overnight

Posted at 6:04 PM, Oct 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-27 20:04:20-04

AMERICAN FORK -- Two hikers were stranded overnight on top of Mt. Timpanogos after one of them took a tumble and couldn't hike back down.

The couple left Saturday for a day hike along the Aspen Grove Trail. It was supposed to be a memorable date, but they got more than they bargained for.

“We were hiking the mountain and on our way up, Leslie took a fall and her knee rolled under her,” said her boyfriend Will Guynn “It was very icy up there, and the conditions were terrible, so we just called the rescue team.”

The couple stayed overnight in a shack on the summit, along with rescuers.

In the morning, high winds kept the helicopter from landing, which forced rescuers to hike the woman down to a lower area in American Fork Canyon.

From there she was picked up by a Life Flight helicopter and taken to her family waiting in the parking lot below.

“I think they didn't really know what they were getting into with the amount of time they were going to spend on the mountain,” said Lt. Tom Hodgson of Utah County Sheriff’s Office. “They went up for a day hike, and you look at it now and they spent 36 hours here.”

The woman in expected to recover. Police said her family took her to the hospital to get her knee examined.