Snow flies at southern Utah ski resort

Posted at 9:25 PM, Nov 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-04 23:25:32-05

BRIAN HEAD - in a region known primarily for mild temperatures and sunny days, one southern Utah town is relishing in all the snow.

It’s not the first winter storm to hit Brian Head and residents certainly hope it’s not the last. Monday’s snowfall added a couple inches to the snow pack. Town officials say it’s an exciting time for the community. The resort town relies heavily on the winter ski season.

“It’s kind of what we live for here,” said Brian Head town manager Bret Howser. “We’ve got stuff going on year round to keep us busy, in the summer time, we’ve got events and stuff to keep us busy, but yeah, the winter we get pretty excited about.”

Howser said locals thank Ullr, the Viking snow god, for all the snow. An event planned later this week will pay tribute.

“This is a good early start,” said Brian Head Resort sales and marketing manager Josh Madsen said. “And it’s exciting to be starting before Thanksgiving this year.”

The resort is under new management this year. The new owners have made $3.5 million in improvements to lodges and runs. The building of a reservoir in town has given the resort the opportunity to take dirt and reshape some of the slopes.  Managers say the southern Utah resort is a best-kept secret, and storms like this only add to the buzz already in the air.

“You can tell the energy around here is,” Madsen said. The blood is starting to flow for the ski season. And you can tell the thoughts are starting to churn about powder days in the future and hopefully taking some time off to get up here.”

Brian Head Ski Resort plans to open on Nov.15.