Utahns deal with damages caused by severe wind

Posted at 10:14 PM, Nov 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-23 00:14:10-05

UTAH – There was really no calm after the storm for people in Davis County on Friday, who woke up to both damage and more wind.

“I canceled an appointment in Ogden because I was afraid I wouldn’t make it,” said local resident Virginia Parry.

“Our electricity went off, on and off, during the day and night," she said.

In some parts, winds hit about 75 miles per hour, taking down power lines and trees. Along Grant Avenue in Ogden, two families were temporarily displaced because of fallen trees.

“Luckily, it missed the house,” said Barry Christiansen, a volunteer with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team.

A team helped clear out an uprooted tree that landed just in front of one home, knocking out cable and power to the block.

“Some limbs had caught the power mast and ripped that off the house. It was a huge tree,” Christiansen said.

While the Wasatch Front saw mostly wind, southern Utah was getting hit by snow, causing several accidents along I-15. However, for many in Davis County, the weather was no surprise.

“I’ve lived here in Ogden for a long, long time,” Christiansen said. “We get hard winds. Sometimes you get a lot of damage. Sometimes you don’t.”