Strong winds cause damages in northern Utah

Posted at 9:34 PM, Nov 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-23 23:34:34-05

WEBER COUNTY,  Utah -- Fierce winds pummeled North Ogden Saturday, stripping siding off of homes and flipping fences down driveways.

Liz Tuthill said the vinyl fence in her backyard folded like a deck of cards.

“I'm scared. It's a really scary experience,” Tuthill said.

The damage was widespread on North Fowler Avenue.

“I have seen swamp coolers falling off their roofs,” Tuthill said. “I've seen fences torn straight out of the ground, from cement.”

But as bad as the wind was over the weekend, Tuthill's neighbor, Steve Young, said it's been a lot worse.

“The last time I lost my roof, all the siding,” Young said. “The back door of the garage blew in, and the garage door looked like a big, aluminum parachute.”

Young said he found some of his siding a quarter of a mile away. He said there’s no way to prepare for wind like this.

“You can't,” Young said. “You can't. It can happen any time.”

“It's scary,” Tuthill said. “I've been hiding in the basement the last two nights.”

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