Layton Mayor Steve Curtis dies overnight

Posted at 11:03 AM, Nov 29, 2013

LAYTON, Utah -- Layton City Mayor Steve Curtis died in his sleep overnight. City officials said he had Thanksgiving dinner with his family, went to bed and never work up. Curtis was 58 years old.

City officials tell FOX 13 News they were not aware of any health problems or ongoing medical issues Curtis was dealing with. When they got calls of his death, it was an utter shock.

"He's given 18 years of public service to the city of Layton," said Mayor Pro Tem Jory Francis.

Before his two terms as mayor the past eight years, Curtis spent ten years as a councilman. Serving his community was a top priority, and he was happy to do it. Curtis is described as "the city's cheerleader." Francis said Curtis' legacy won't soon be forgotten.

"His legacy is all around us, but he really was passionate about Hill Air Force Base, he loved the service men and women up there,” Francis said.

Councilman Mike Bouwhuis got news of Curtis' death early Friday morning. As friends and community members heard of his death, Curtis' wife's Facebook page has been flooded with condolences.

One person writes, "Words cannot properly express my feelings! (Shock and overwhelming sadness.)"

Another writes, "We are so very saddened to hear about Steve. What a shock."

Bouwhuis said: "He was ending his last term, and he didn't run for re-election so we would have to fill his shoes anyway, but we can't fill his memories. We can't fill his passion… He extinguished his flame as a great service provider to the city of Layton."