Slick, icy roads slow commute Wednesday

Posted at 11:35 AM, Dec 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-04 13:35:28-05

Once the snow stopped in northern Utah, the temperatures dropped like a rock.

The temperature drop created an issue for drivers Wednesday, as icy roads slowed the morning commute.

UDOT officials said temperatures dropped lower and more quickly than anyone anticipated, creating essentially a hockey rink on many roads.

Things cleared up considerably when the sun broke through and helped melt much of the ice, but with the thermometer expected to plunge again later Wednesday night, transportation experts said drivers can expect more icy roads.

"It's been years since we've had to drive in these winter conditions, so for many of us it's a re-learning process," UDOT spokesman John Gleason said. "I think people leaving the house forget that it's going to take extra time, so everyone's in a hurry."

Tuesday's storm took a toll on plow crews and Utah Highway Patrol troopers. There were 1,100 incident reports generated in Salt Lake and Utah Counties alone. It doesn't mean all were wrecks, but it does indicate a lot of calls and responses.

UHP troopers said it's the most they've handled since 1996.

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