Weekend pet adoption event features felines

Posted at 10:25 PM, Dec 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-07 00:25:34-05

The following is a press release from The Utah Animal Adoption Center

Salt Lake City, UT - The Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC) is excited to announce a very special feline adoption event taking place Dec. 6-8, 2013 at the West Valley City Petco.

This special adoption event will specifically feature cats and kittens rescued by UAAC on November 1, 2013 from a Brigham City apartment. UAAC received an urgent call from Brigham City Animal Control where over 40 animals were found in a single apartment and were in desperate need of rescue. These cats, while loved by their owners, had become too much for them to handle. UAAC staff, volunteers and foster families immediately sprang into action. "If you need help ask for it because there are resources available so that it doesn’t get out of control," said Lindsay Ortega, UAAC Cat Adoptions Lead.

Once these animals arrived at UAAC, they were spayed and neutered, received medical attention and dental care, and were provided with vaccines and microchips. With the support of Petco Foundation adoptions program, UAAC will be featuring these special cats and kittens from Dec. 6-8; "We are thrilled that Petco is partnering with UAAC to find these animals their forever homes. We hope they all get adopted!" said UAAC Board President, Mallika Filtz. The West Valley Petco is located at 3637 South 2700 West, West Valley City, UT 84119. Animals rescued from Brigham City will be available for adoption Friday, Dec. 6 from 11a.m. - 7p.m., Saturday, Dec. 7 from 11a.m. - 7p.m., and Sunday, Dec, 8 from 11a.m. – 4p.m.