Car crashes into living room of West Valley City home

Posted at 4:41 PM, Dec 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-08 18:28:32-05

WEST VALLEY CITY – A car crashed into a home in West Valley City early Sunday morning, and the winter weather may have been a factor.

West Valley City police officials said the vehicle was traveling eastbound on 3100 South when the driver lost control and hit a home at 5781 West and Festival Drive.

Police said the family had been sitting in the living room of the home moments before the crash, but they had finished watching TV and gone upstairs about 5 minutes earlier. There were no injuries reported.

Sgt. M.T. Johnson of the West Valley City Police Department said weather may have played a role.

“Due to the slick road conditions lost control, bounced off of a pole over there and then went up across the grass and into the backyard of this house and into the living room,” he said.

Johnson said the damage appears extensive.

“It went completely into the living room,” he said. “It put a big hole in the living room, and it went through the furniture and partially into the garage, so there’s a hole in the side of their home and a car in their living room right now.”

The crash remains under investigation, and an estimate of the damages to the home has not been made.