Plea deal possible in Ethan Stacy murder case

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-13 18:17:20-05

FARMINGTON -- The man accused of killing a 4-year-old boy in a horrific case of child abuse is trying to reach a plea deal with prosecutors, his defense attorney said.

Nathan Sloop's attorney, Richard Mauro, told FOX 13 News he has been speaking with Davis County prosecutors about a plea bargain in the aggravated murder case involving the death of his stepson, Ethan Stacy.

"We do not have a resolution at this point," Mauro said Friday. "We're talking about the possibility of a resolution, but we do not have one yet."

Mauro would not disclose any terms of a plea bargain, but said there may be a resolution on "other charges" beyond the aggravated murder charge. Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings declined to comment to FOX 13 News about any plea discussions.

Mauro made the comments after a hearing on new charges filed against Sloop. He's accused of attacking a guard inside the Davis County Jail in November.

According to a probable cause statement filed with the charging documents and obtained by FOX 13 News, Sloop punched and scratched a deputy in the face.

"Inmate Sloop attempted to gouge out Deputy Silver's left eye with his thumb," the documents state. "Inmate Sloop was able to get Deputy Silver's head in a choke hold underneath Inmate Sloop's right arm."

Sloop is accused of biting the deputy's thumb, nearly severing it. The deputy received numerous stitches in his thumb, authorities said.

As other deputies tried to restrain Sloop, charging documents say the inmate told them: "You f---er, I gouged your eyes," and told another deputy "Davis, you're next you fat f---, you are next, your turn is coming."

Deputies said in the probable cause statement that Sloop later requested guards bring him a new toothbrush, saying: "I still have pieces of his skin in my mouth."

Sloop looked around the courtroom on Friday during a brief appearance here in 2nd District Court. The judge agreed to delay the assault case until after his next appearance on the aggravated murder charge.

Sloop remains in the Davis County Jail without bail.

Sloop and his wife, Stephanie, are accused of killing her son Ethan Stacy and burying his body in a shallow grave near Powder Mountain in 2010. Prosecutors claim the boy was overdosed on over-the-counter medications to mask signs of child abuse.