Politicians respond to Matheson’s decision

Posted at 2:54 PM, Dec 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-17 17:20:48-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) announced Tuesday that he will not be seeking re-election for the House of Representatives in 2014..  The following statements were released in response:

Mia Love
“Congressman Matheson has served our state with passion and has been a dedicated public servant during his tenure in Congress. His announcement today does not change my campaign to represent the people of Utah’s 4th congressional district. I wish Congressman Matheson the very best during his final year as Congressman.”

Rep. Chris Stewart
“I was surprised to hear the news that Rep. Jim Matheson will be retiring next year. While we may not always agree on legislation, he is a public servant whom I respect and have enjoyed working alongside. He has always worked hard to do what he believes is best for his constituents and the state of Utah. I wish him and his family the best in their future endeavors and know that he will be greatly missed within our delegation.”

Utah Democratic Party
“We are grateful for Representative Matheson’s many years of dedicated public service. Jim is the latest in a long line of Mathesons who have devoted themselves to being the kind of steward that Utahns can trust. His pragmatic, roll-up-your-sleeves leadership is something rare to find in modern politics, and Utah’s Republican Party.”

“Whether the fight was Wasatch Wilderness, ensuring CHIP funding would continue, or fighting on behalf of Utah’s downwinders, Jim has been there when Utah needed him. He has been honorable, consistent, and unrelentingly determined to always put Utah first. His retirement is a loss, not just for Utah, but for the country. We will miss him, and look forward to his next chapter – and to the upcoming fight in Utah’s fourth Congressional district!”

Sen. Orrin Hatch
“During my 37 years in the United States Congress, I’d be hard pressed to name someone who I’ve enjoyed serving alongside of more than Jim Matheson. While we didn’t agree on everything, you always knew that Jim was doing what he sincerely felt was best for our state. From public land rights to standing up for Hill Air Force Base to fighting against Obamacare, I’ve been proud to stand with Jim on behalf of Utahns and the values we hold dear. Jim and I have represented Utah together for 13 years, and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and his family for much longer. I wish Jim, his beautiful wife Amy, and their sons Will and Harris much love and success in whatever comes next for their family.”

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Oregon)
“This is a warning signal to Democrats coast to coast. Not only will this announcement allow Republicans to focus our energy and resources on defeating other vulnerable Democrats, but it also proves that ObamaCare has become a total nightmare for any Democrat running in 2014.

“It’s telling that Matheson, who didn’t even vote for ObamaCare’s original passage, knows he can’t run and win in this climate. If it’s this bad for him, imagine how bad 2014 will be for the vast majority of Democrats who actually supported ObamaCare from its start.”