Police post pictures of distracted drivers to promote safety

Posted at 10:05 PM, Dec 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-22 00:06:09-05

ST. GEORGE, Utah -- The St. George Police Department posted several pictures of distracted drivers on their Facebook page this week, and it's part of a campaign aimed at ending distracted driving.

The posted pictures are a part of the department's Heads Up Thumbs Up campaign.

Capt. Gorden McCracken of the St. George Police Department said they sent an officer to look out for distracted drivers.

"Officer Beal stood on a roadway, just to kind of get an idea of, and again an unscientific [idea], of how many people are actually on their phones, and with a high speed lens he took pictures of people driving by, with their phone in an obvious position-- anything other than this," he said.

Capt. Mike Giles of the SGPD said he thinks people aren't as aware of the dangers of distracted driving as they should be. The city's campaign was inspired by an auto-pedestrian accident that claimed the life of Santa Clara resident David Henson in March.

"We've had one vehicular homicide this year... we don't want to have any more," McCracken said.

For more information, visit Heads Up Thumbs Up's website.