Christmas comes later for people affected by shipping delays

Posted at 9:44 PM, Dec 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-26 23:44:48-05

One day after Santa was supposed to arrive in Kaysville the Sims family got a visit from someone far less popular at the moment, FedEx.

“I panicked a little bit because I’m all about Christmas and them opening their presents on the morning of,” said Rebecca Sims, who ordered the bulk of her kids’ Christmas presents through online retailers.

Like thousands around the country, the overload of Internet orders delayed deliveries to Sims’ home. The mother of five bought her gifts online by December 17th, a slightly later date than usual, but one that was early enough to guarantee an on time delivery.

“I actually reached out to the company I ordered it from and just said I was slightly disappointed because it was a guaranteed delivery,” said Sims.

By Thursday afternoon, the shipping company had dropped off a package containing several gifts for her kids, a delay that didn’t really damper spirits, in the end.

“It’s not about the gifts,” said Sims. “It’s not about what they get. Christmas is so much more. Why get upset over something really so petty when so many people are going without so many things this time of year and always?”

But elsewhere, not everyone maintained their holiday cheer.

At the UPS hub in West Valley City, customers hoping to finally pick up their holiday orders were turned away empty handed.

“It’s frustrating. I mean, I understand that some things are out of people’s hands and the people in there are doing their hardest work. But it’s tough on Christmas, you know,” said customer, Justin Davies.

In a statement from UPS, company spokeswoman Natalie Godwin apologized for the hold up.

“Our drivers are out making deliveries and pickups and we expect nearly all of the delayed packages will be delivered today,” said Godwin. “We had additional operations at Worldport, the UPS international air hub in Louisville, Ky, on Christmas – we are making every effort to get all packages delivered.”

While FedEx didn’t have as many issues, spokesman Adrian Pomi said, “We will continue to work directly with customers to address any isolated incidents.” has been notifying some customers affected by the UPS delays that it will refund any shipping charges and is giving them a $20 credit toward a future purchase.

But while Christmas has now come and gone, many are still waiting for a visit from Santa, or just the delivery man.