Falls pose serious danger for seniors, expert offers safety tips

Posted at 10:26 PM, Dec 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-30 00:26:34-05

SALT LAKE CITY – One in three seniors in America will fall in a given year, and such falls are the leading cause of injury, hospitalization and death for those 65-years-old and older.

Such falls can be prevented by following tips for home safety.

Rocky Catenzaro is the owner of Synergy Homecare, and he said there are several things seniors can do to stay safe.

"That includes lighting, that includes rugs, making sure rugs are secure,” he said. “That includes grab bars, hand railings. You know, if you have steps down hallways, wherever you may need them."

Seniors are also encouraged to check on their hearing and eyesight as well as know their limitations.

"Making sure that your eyesight is checked often, and have those prescriptions updated,” Catenzaro said.

And Catenzaro said some medications can pose risks.

"Many of them often make you dizzy or drowsy, so to go and not try to be super active during that time,” he advised seniors.

He also suggested paying close attention to dietary needs.

"As we age, we lose appetite, but we still need to feed the body, cause if we don't, there's already atrophy going on, and the atrophy in our muscles affects bone density and our overall strength, so we can just lose that strength and fall easy,” he said.

Senior Edith Roberts said people should be safe rather than worry about appearances.

"Don't be proud,” she said. “There's too many that's proud, and they will not be seen with the equipment or something else. And I think, boy, you'd be far better off if you'd use it and not fall or anything else."