Woods Cross offers explanation after train horn complaints

Posted at 3:55 PM, Dec 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-30 17:55:55-05

WOODS CROSS, Utah — A posting on the Woods Cross City Facebook page offers an explanation for the noisy train horns that have been bothering people who live near the 1500 South crossing.

One FOX 13 viewer wrote the situation with the train horns was “unbearable” and “the type of torture technique that the Geneva Convention [forbids].”

Woods Cross police acknowledged last week that they had received a number of complaints about the horns, but they didn’t know why it has happening.

Police promised to update the public once Union Pacific Community Relations representative Dan Harbeke came back from vacation.

Woods Cross City posted the following explanation early Monday afternoon:

“Update on train horns:
We have been in contact with Union Pacific this morning and they have now given us a reason for the train horns being sounded at the 1500 South Crossing.

During the snowstorm on December 19th there was a malfunction in the crossing signals on 1500 South Crossing due to moisture and salt getting into the electrical lines of the crossing. Because this malfunction was not fully resolved and there were concerns about the reliability of the signal by UP their protocol is to have the trains sound their horns at the crossing until the signal issue is resolved.

UP is working to get the signal issue resolved until then the horns will continue to be sounded. We will stay in close contact with them and keep you updated on their progress.”