Distant storms cause delays, cancellations at SLC Int’l Airport

Posted at 11:35 PM, Jan 03, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- From New England to the Midwest, a Nor'easter storm has let up but in its wake, bitter cold, and parts of Massachusetts buried in nearly two feet of snow.

In New York, hundreds of flights have been canceled since Thursday.  JFK airport shut down for a few hours Friday morning and at LaGuardia Airport, stranded passengers slept on cots.

According to the website, more than two-thousand flights were cancelled since Thursday and thousands were delayed.

"Even though folks may not be flying to places like Boston and New York because those airports are such important components in the aviation network, that can have a domino effect on flights not even going through those locations," said Rob Yingling, spokesman for Metro Washington Airports Authority.

It’s a domino effect felt at Salt Lake City International Airport.

"We expected some delays but not like this," said Lexi Cowley, who was one of several Southwest Airlines flyers stuck in a line that stretched outside of terminal one.   She can't get home to Florida because so many flights have to be re-booked.

"Flights are being cancelled.  We've actually been told we may not get out of here until Monday or Tuesday," Cowley said.

Little Nate Stringer was tuckered out by a rough day of travel, sleeping on a chair at SLC International. His dad says he better rest up.

“It sounds like we're going to miss our connection and get stuck at the next airport," Kenley Stringer said.

Some were stuck at a connecting airport and others were stuck close to SLC.

Cassia Carter can't get back to Chicago until at least Monday.

"Apparently all the planes were grounded in the east coast so they couldn't get here to get back to the east coast," Carter said.  "Our family is still in Snowbird so we're probably just gonna go hang out with them."

The airlines say travelers simply have to be patient through this weekend until this backlog can be cleared up.  Make sure you check your flight online, call your airline and have a back-up plan ready to go.