“Secret EVE” sculpture stolen

Posted at 4:04 PM, Jan 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-04 18:04:57-05

Missing Secret EVE sculpture.
Courtesy Jared Steffensen.

SALT LAKE CITY – A sculpture designed for the EVE celebration in Salt Lake City was stolen.

The steel tree-like sculpture designed by Joe Casalino was one of 14 secret EVE pieces placed on a path from the Gateway to the Salt Palace. The pieces were placed in the public’s view with yellow stickers indicating that they were part of “Secret EVE.”

They were supposed to be up through the New Year’s celebration, but Casalino’s was stolen before the year began.

“We would just like to get it back to Joe. Maybe it might not look like it has a lot of monetary value, but it’s something really important to Joe and we’d just like to get it back no questions asked. So if some day it just shows up in front of the museum we’re happy with that,” said Jared Steffensen, curator of education, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

The sculpture is worth about $200 and was designed specifically for the area outside the EnergySolutions Arena.