Park City mayor retires after 12 years

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jan 05, 2014

PARK CITY, Utah - Park City's mayor steps down on Monday after twelve years of service.

Dana Williams decided to walk away from the job, he says, to focus on his family.

"I try to be in a position where I'm available and around and people see me. And I'm accessible. Sometimes that means you answer the phone at three in the morning," Williams said. "I'm sorry to leave it because it has been truly enjoyable, but now it's time to do something different."

Williams says he ran for office on somewhat of a drunken dare, but he thought he could do a good job of representing the working class in a world-class luxury resort town.

"I like to say fate took my utter disdain for authority and make me one," Williams said. "It's a matter of having something in your heart to tell you to step up and make a difference."

Over his tenure, Williams has fought to keep what he calls the "Park City brand."