Macy’s laying off 2,500, Utah store to close within days

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-08 20:00:15-05

MURRAY, Utah -- Fashion Place Mall is losing another major tenant.

Without much notice, Macy's announced it is closing the store Sunday. The people who work there may be out of a job soon.

The retailer's Murray location is one of five stores closing nationwide. Its employees are around the more than 2,000 who could lose their jobs.

Shoppers said they're sad to see one of their favorite stores go.

"It's kind of shocking actually," said Emalee, who shops at the store often.

"I'm upset,” shopper Nicole Angam said. “I love Macy's.”

Only the Utah location will be shutting down almost immediately. That means no clearance sales.

"I do come to Macy's often ...I don't know where I'm going to buy my shoes now. This is where I always buy all my shoes," Shopper Andrea said.

The other Macy's stores across the State are staying open, but the people who work at the mall will be left in limbo. With 42 positions, some may lose their jobs with severance and others may be relocated.

"It's unfortunate people have to go and look for jobs now,” another shopper said. “It's sad.”

"I think a lot of people relying their jobs, especially at this time in the world and with the economy and after the holidays and spending money on loved ones, to hear that and have to lose so much, it's a devastating time for people," Emalee said.

"It's pretty sad,” Andrea said. “A lot of people are going to lose their jobs, and now there's going to be a big hole in mall.”

This is the second store to close at Fashion Place Mall. Sears shutdown in 2012. Macy's says the reason they're closing the store, among other reasons, is to save money. It's expected to save the company $100 million a year.

There is so far no word on who the new tenant will be.