Police seek suspect who stole truck as it idled

Posted at 9:45 PM, Jan 08, 2014

MIDVALE, Utah -- As the Chevron at 365 West 7200 South in Midvale opened its doors early Sunday morning, surveillance video captured its first customers of the day, one an alleged car thief and the other his victim.

“Stop to get a cup of coffee, pulled in, walked in, and when I came back out my truck was gone,” said Matthew Riddle of Taylorsville.

Riddle was on his way to a fishing trip when he pulled his brand new 2013 Dodge Ram Laramie into the lot.

“Dream truck,” Riddle said of the vehicle. “Paper [license] plates still on the back. I just got it less than a month ago.”

Before he arrived, store video shows the man who police believe took Riddle’s truck walking into the store, perusing the aisles for a bit and then picking up a drink and some donuts. A minute before he leaves, Riddle walks in, leaving his truck still running in the lot.

“I have a fob in my pocket that I thought you can’t get within a couple blocks from that fob and it will shut off,” Riddle said. “But obviously not.”

His new wheels didn’t work quite like he thought. After remotely starting the truck with his keys, Riddle pushed the start button on the car, unaware that even if he was holding them, it was essentially like leaving the keys in your ignition.

“I’m learning,” Riddle said. “I’m learning.”

Unified Police Department officials said when the man walked out and noticed Riddle’s truck, he walked over to the jeep he arrived in and spoke to a woman seated inside. Seconds later, police said he hopped into Riddle’s car and took off.

“During this situation here, he had conversed with the driver of that Jeep Cherokee, then got in the suspect’s car, fled eastbound and that Cherokee followed it,” Lt. Justin Hoyal said.

There have been no sightings of the truck reported since.

“This is something unfortunately that we see a lot this time of year,” Hoyal said. “This is a very quick and easy opportunity for these suspects to get into your cars and take off with them in a very quick time.”

Anyone with information about the alleged theft or the suspect is asked to contact the Unified Police Department at 801-743-7000.