Skiers stuck after lift locks up

Posted at 8:49 PM, Jan 10, 2014

PARK CITY, Utah – Several snow sport enthusiasts were stuck after a lift locked up Friday afternoon.

Officials with Park City Mountain Resort said the Bonanza lift locked up, and when crews couldn’t get it running the occupants had to be evacuated.

Communications Manager Andy Miller, PCMR, said all of the people were rescued safely.

“Certainly our guests who were on the lift at the time of the stop will certainly have a story to tell around the dinner table tonight… I actually saw a lot of smiles on peoples’ faces,” he said. “People appreciated the response from the patrol.”

Miller said the cause of the stoppage was unknown at this time.

One woman who was on the lift told FOX 13 News she was on the lift for more than an hour before ski patrol personnel were able to help people get down using ropes and pulleys.